behind the scenes

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6. the nearly nekkid nymph

This project was to create a unique logo for a handwriting analyst. To begin, I looked through a lot of clipart for inspiration. The image that both my client and I liked best was that of a nymph, sitting on an oversized letter, writing with a large feather quill. I began working in Poser to create and position the figure. After some initial attempts, I came up with the final 3D model. Although the original nymph was not wearing anything, we thought that at least a loincloth or something to that effect would be appropriate. After giving him a very golden color skin I did several renderings, against both dark and light backgrounds. I then added the monogram "H" and the background in Adobe Photoshop for the completed image. At this point the client expressed some concern. With the figure being a full-grown muscular man, the image came across as being a little too "beefcake" so after some brainstorming, I moved the figure from Poser into Bryce and altered it to look like a statue made from hammered metal. I then composited it with the previous background, and tried a second more ghostly version. Ultimately our final version was with a gray background and a vivid red H. The paper from the scroll formed the second letter (W) of the client's initials.